Have you ever been in a place where your heart feels dead, clogged up, or dormant?

I sure have been. Yet God has shared with me — with us as believers — a great gift to connect our heart back to His overflowing heart of love: singing.

When my heart is longing to connect with the Lord, I begin to lift my voice and sing out my heart to Him. Sometimes there’s no other way to unlock my stagnant heart — sometimes singing is the only way to release my heart to flow once again.

Simply opening my mouth and letting short phrases of adoration stream out of my inner being helps me connect with the One who created me. I want to feel His presence and commune with Him, and singing is a wonderful way to do that.

He is the Chief Singer of All and He formed us in His likeness. I call Him the Chief Singer of All because He Himself is the inventor of song and is the one who sang over us first. This is an amazing gift and tool that He has given His image bearers.


I sing for many reasons, but the primary reason is abovementioned — to connect with Him and cause my heart to flow in love and truth.

But to name a few other reasons, I sing because:

-it’s simply enjoyable

-it’s special: what other instrument on the planet is as unique and complex as our individual voices?

-it connects me more deeply with other people (group singing)

-it releases God’s presence and power: He is enthroned on our praises

-it moves my heart in a way that nothing else can: the tongue is the rudder of the body

-it impacts other people’s lives: people get revelation of Jesus from my unique perspective and song

-it’s an eternal reality and an activity that I will get to participate in forever

These are some of the reasons I sing, and will continue to sing forever.

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