Just an Intercessor?


“Just an Intercessor”?

He did not mean to but unintentionally his words revealed a notion we all carry deep down in our hearts. In my transition to work with OneEleven Global one of my good friends asked me “So what are you going to do for them? Are you just going to be an intercessor?“ I was not quite sure how to reply. On the outside I remained calm but inwardly my thoughts were tumbling: “What do you mean with “just” going to be an intercessor? Is this where things have come to?” But if I was totally honest I was feeling the same way.

In theory most people would agree with the importance of intercession to any kind of fruitful ministry. Especially those in the prayer movement boldly claim there is no higher calling than being a priest before Him. We call ourselves intercessory missionaries after all, thus identifying ourselves with our primary mandate and occupation. And yet in reality we cringe at the thought of being “just“ an intercessor. We desperately reach after a more tangible job title to explain and justify the expenditure of our time to both fellow missionaries and outsiders alike. We excitedly claim: “I am an intercessor” while adding in the same breath “and here is the fruit my prayers have produced.” After having given myself to a life of prayer for over eight years I am utterly convinced that the calling to intercession is one that needs continual encouragement and vision to pursue.

As for me, I can think of no greater privilege than to talk to the One who made me. The Uncreated One, high and lofty, still bends to hear me sing. I remember countless days in a small prayer room tucked away at the storm ridden coast of the Northern England that I spent in a little room singing to the One I could not see and yet being overwhelmed with the revelation that He was actually listening to me. He was and is my audience. Just as David was ministering in the courts of King Saul we get to entertain and bless the very heart of Jesus. We (!) get to (!) talk to (!) God (!).

This statement should cause us to hold our breath. It should cause us to stand and marvel at Who He is that He would care to listen, even more desires to hear our voice and committed Himself to do nothing on this earth apart from having a people partnering with Him in intercession.


How much value do you attribute to the ministry of prayer? Do you think of intercession as just a means to an end? Do you think someone choosing prayer as their primary occupation is worthy of funding

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